Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Queen of Hearts

Last week I got a sweater like the one above and thought a post about hearts would make a good post. I think hearts are just so cute. You can dress them up or down. For example the dress above would be dressier and the sweater would be more casual. But you could also put the sweater over the dress and have a half dressy half casual outfit. I think that would make a really cute girly outfit.

1. Black Heart Dress | ModCloth $65
2. Heart Phone Case | Zappos $34
3. Black Heart Earrings | Republic $7.85
4. Black and Gold Heart Belt | Asos $10.22
5. White and Red Heart Sweater | Net-A-Porter $345
   (Old Navy cheaper option)

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  1. adorable! I love hearts too



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