Wednesday, November 28, 2012


I always talk about how I like to be comfy and on one post I said I like to feel like I'm wearing pajamas. So I thought pajamas would be a great post. I recently was thinking about what the perfect Christmas morning outfit is and I found it 1 and 2 above combined. Another cute Christmas morning outfit is some red pajamas and cream slippers. A great place for pajamas that are super cute would be Victoria Secrets, so if you are looking for new pajamas definitely check Victoria Secrets out.

1. Polka Dot Pajamas | Target $25
2. Red Slippers | Debenhams $13
3. Grey Slippers | Debenhams $23
4. Blue Pajamas | J.Crew $85 (other option 1)


  1. oh my goodness! This makes me want to go home right now and curl up in (those) PJ's and be lazy all night! Holiday perfection dear! :)
    XOX Angela

  2. Comfy!!! (especially like 1&2, though they all look yummy)


  3. Cozy! I really like the red slippers!


  4. I like the slippers)))) They are so cozy)))

  5. How comfy everything looks! I want the polka dots one really bad - perfect for Christmas morning. <3

  6. awww the slippers are so cute!!
    I was thinking about being fashion in pajamas!
    thanks for posting it

  7. I'm really bad with PJs, I usually just wear an old tee and my boyfriend's boxers :')
    I need some lovely cosy Christmas ones and these are perfect, especially love the spotty ones :) xx

  8. love that polka dot PJ so much I hope it's available in target Australia !

  9. adorable! Target pjs look so cute.

    Just started following you!


  10. Ahhh nothing beats the comfort of pajamas!
    But I am totally against people who wear
    them in public!

  11. This red slippers are adorable! Come by and check out my blog, if you like it I would love it if you followed me.

    xo Andrea

  12. Awesome post! And I love your blog:)
    Follow each other?:)

  13. I'm off to Debenhams to get those red slippers! They look sooo snug! Love the post.
    HMLDN xx

  14. I love good-looking homewear! I wrote myself a post about it :-) I'm your newest follower, come and visit my blog if you like.Kisses!Coco

  15. It's the perfect pajama set that you can buy in the market. I like your ideas when it comes to fashion and most especially sleepwear. I think they are great and easy to follow, it's been quite lovely hearing what you have to say about the topic. And if you guys are looking for more ideas, you can visit


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