Friday, February 22, 2013


maxi skirt!
I know what you are probably thinking swimsuits already. Usually people start looking at swimsuits in March, but I just wanted to create a guide, so when you start to look at swimsuits. There are three types of swimsuits that I think every girl should have. The first one is the basic swimsuit, I suggest going with a navy or black swimsuit that doesn't have to much detail. The second is the cute swimsuit, I suggest going with one that has more detail. Then the last one the third swimsuit which is the fun swimsuit, I suggest going with one that has a bright color or a fun print.

1. Basic Swimsuit | American Eagle $35
2. Cute Swimsuit | J.Crew
3. Fun Swimsuit | Mara Hoffman


  1. I loved the J. Crew one ! Very chic and the color it's awesome !

  2. The third one is my fav!!!

  3. It's never too early to start looking for swimsuits! Especially when I can buy three and mix and match them so I really have six :)

  4. I love these choices! Especially the 'fun' one :)

    - Celine

  5. Love them!

    xx MJ

  6. I love the bikini in the middle but all are gorgeous! Great post!

    Emily x

  7. I love the "fun" one! I've been trying to find a few swimsuits for this year! I want to have a few looks to hit the beach with. Maybe I can find something similar in a store by me!


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