Friday, April 12, 2013

Coachella: Outfit 1

maxi skirt!
It seems like I haven't done an outfit post in so long and thought it's a great time to start again. Starting today I am going to do a mini series every other day with outfits that I would wear to coachella. The mini series will end once coachella is done. I sadly don't live close enough so I can't go, but I can still post about it. So with that said here is the first outfit that I created that I thought was perfect for coachella. It has that boho feel but also is a little edgy with the shoes. When I saw the dress above I immediately thought about coachella.You can also add a hat to this look. I hope you like this outfit and will check out my mini series.

1. White Dress | Net-A-Porter $375
2. Tassel Necklace | Net-A-Porter $85
3. Fringe Bag | Brandy Melville $30
4. Black Booties | Shopbop $495

Check out some other post with outfits that would be good for coachella (1,2,3)


  1. Love this outfit! The dress especially!

  2. great outfit for Coachella <3

  3. I love this look! Very coachella!


  4. You're so lucky to be Able to go to Coachella! i would kill for it hahahah
    nice dress! xx


    1. Well I actually mentioned above how I am not lucky enough to go to coachella because I don't live close enough.

  5. great choices! I wish I was at coachella right now, haha. Thanks for your message on ifb, here's my blog link if you wanna come check me out too. Let me know if you follow me anywhere and I'll be sure to follow back :) xoxo

  6. Aww I wanted to be there so badly! Amazing post x


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