Saturday, April 13, 2013

Coachella: Outfit 2

maxi skirt!
Here is the second outfit that I created for coachella if I was lucky enough to live close enough to go. This outfit is more laid back then the last outfit because I added cut offs and sandals. I knew that I didn't want the outfits to similar when it came to accessories, so instead of using fringe and booties on this outfit I added feathers and sandals. Fringe and feathers are the first two things I think of when thinking about accessories for coachella. I also just love the top and swimsuit above because of the embroidery/cut outs. You can also add a hat and a tote bag to this look.

What would you wear to coachella?

1. White Top | Joie $218
2. Black Cut Offs | Net-A-Porter $180
3. Feather Necklace | Ettika $55
4. Red Swimsuit | Zimmermann $240
5. Black Sandals | Ancient Greek Sandals $158


  1. I love the swimsuit!
    - Charlotte

  2. That bikini is adorable! Wish I could go too :(

  3. love the shirt <3

  4. Great Coachella outfit style! :)
    Saw your message trail at IFB. Following you now dear.
    Happy weekend! :)

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  5. This is such a great Coachella outfit! Wish I could be there!

  6. Hi, nice blog. thank to visiting mine...i follow you on all your socials. follow each other?

  7. Really digging that swimsuit. Fringe on all the right places. It gets soooo hot during the day (at Coachella) that a swimsuit literally turns into the outfit of the day.


  8. This just makes me sad that I'm not at Coachella. This would be a PERFECT outfit though!

    Hopefully we both get there one day ( :

  9. Great outfit!

    Just wanted to let you know that I´ve nominated you for the Versatile blogger award! You can check it out here:

  10. In love with the swimsuit and sandals!

    xx MJ

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