Friday, August 16, 2013

Travel Bag and Blog's 1st Birthday

maxi skirt!
Sorry for not posting sooner I have been so busy lately and haven't been on my laptop long enough to edit any post. I was sick then just busy doing other stuff and with all that I completely forgot that my blog is officially a year old. I am super happy and thankful for all the things my blog/I have accomplished in just 1 year. I just want to thank everyone who is following my blog! I probably would have stopped blogging a long time ago, but each follow and comment gives me that extra motivation and excitement to blog!

When traveling you always want to bring a carry on bag. Make sure you get a big enough one that can carry all the little or big extra things you need. Like your laptop/Ipad, earbuds, socks, makeup bag, cardigan/wrap, passport, hat, glasses, food, change of clothes, and etc. I mean you can imagine with just the list of things above how much space you would need. I just put some things above that I feel most people should need in their carry on. The things that are going to be in your carry on is obviously going to be different because everyone has their own needs when it comes to traveling.

1. Carry On | Frank Clegg $865
2. Socks (good to put on in the plane) | Option 1
3. Hat (good if you have your hair down or having a bad hair day) | Rag and Bone $175
4. Ipad Case | Saturday $50
5. Passport | Saturday $40
6. Cardigan | River Island (other option 1)


  1. Nice look, I love the cardigan and the socks

  2. Love following your blog! =] I seriously love all of these picks.... LOVE!

    Kate from Clear the Way

  3. The sweater looks so warm and comfy. Love it

  4. I'm in love with that duffel bag! I always see it on Atlantic Pacific and I wish it was much much cheaper! The cozy accessories are perfect for packing.

    Congrats on one year! My blog also just had it's first birthday!
    I'd love it if you could check out my blog and new facebook page.

    ~ Caroline

  5. Great picks! I love the passport and iPad case and the bag is amazing as well!

  6. Happy birthday to your blog!! And I love that passport holder and matching tablet case. Great picks!


  7. The absolute essentials for the super traveler!


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