Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Haul Time!

maxi skirt!
I have never been one to buy a lot of clothes. I usually like to buy stuff that is a need for my closet and not a want (unless I find myself going back to it a lot). I thought a post about some items I bought recently would make a good post. This isn't a big haul, but it's stuff I really needed for my closet. A very big goal of mine is to create the closet of my dreams, so I have been on the search for the perfect items to accomplish that goal. When creating the perfect wardrobe I think everyone should start with finding the perfect basics (dark wash skinny jeans, white/black top, black boots, flats, and etc). I have had such a hard time finding the perfect white/black v-neck top and have finally found them. I also have been trying to find the perfect moto boots and these are great because they are basic enough to go with a lot of outfits. I didn't want moto boots that had studs on them because I find that I would have less outfits to wear them with.

What are some of your wardrobe basics that you wear a lot?

1. V-neck Top | Asos $16.88
2. Home T | The Home T $28
3. Moto Boots | Mia Shoes $70


  1. Love the boots!
    - Charlotte

  2. I just purchased a Home tee too, and can't wait to get it in hand. =)


    I hope you are having a great week so far!



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