Thursday, October 17, 2013

Halloween: Black Cat

I think the black cat costume is the easiest one to create. All you need is an all black outfit with some fur, cat ears/tail, and makeup. Here are some pictures for makeup (here). I thought the sweater above was really cute for this outfit because there is a cat on it. I also added a fur vest and cat ears because that really helps make the look and tell people what your suppose to be other then the makeup.

What do you think about the Black Cat idea?

1. Cat Sweater | SheInside $30
2. Black Jeans |  Current/Elliot $450
3. Cat Ears | Charlotte Russe $6
4. Fur Vest | Lookbook Store $30
5. Black Booties | Rag & Bone $500


  1. I love how classy this looks. and its both affordable and really easy to create :)

    Thank you for this guide


  2. I want those cat ears! Love the selections

  3. Really easy ! And looks nice!

  4. Love the jumper! :D

    xx MJ


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