Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Christmas Morning

When it comes to pajamas the comfort factor to me will always be more important than the style factor. You could say pajamas are my excuse to have that one outfit that is really bad. I didn't apply that excuse above, but found a really good middle. At first I was going to choose items that felt like Christmas, but instead I went with items that had that wintery/holiday look/feel. On the first look I chose to put some plaid in it because I love plaid pajamas and they are perfect for that time of year. When on the second look I thought the phrase Stay Up All Night was perfect for Christmas because I love to stay up and I gave the wintery feel with the slippers.

1. Black Sweatshirt | H&M $18
2. Plaid Shorts | Forever 21 $6
3. Up All Night PJ | Wildfox $150
4. Moccasin Slipper | UGG $120
5. Holiday Slipper | Target $24


  1. Love the look!


    1. Thanks and I followed you on bloglovin!

  2. I love the comfy Ugg slippers!

  3. Hi :)) I follow your blond waiting for you to follow mine byeee :)))


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