Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Under $100

So some of you have probably noticed the items I post are more expensive. But I don't post them for that reason or because I want you to buy them. Whenever I post an item/outfit it is to give you inspiration, so then you can go and make your version of it (budget, style, etc). For this post I wanted to make an outfit under $100 to show you money isn't style. You can always find cheaper options that are equally stylish to expensive items. I am not one that just spends 100+ dollars on something and if I do I really think about it. I think budgets are great when it comes to clothes.

How do you like to stay stylish, but with a budget?

Outfit above is = $95
1. Wine Jacket | Desire Clothing $23
2. Black Jeans | Dorothy Perkins $27
3. Celine Top | T-Shirt World (etsy) $12
4. Black Boot | N.Y.L.A $33


  1. Wow this outfit is great, and honestly I would of never guessed it were under $100. Thanks a lot you've inspired me lol

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  2. Great options for people on a budget! I like the jacket!

  3. love the style… yaay for under $100


  4. Love this outfit!


  5. Great outfit! I've been craving a "Celine" graphic shirt for a while!
    - Flora
    Canvas June

  6. Watching the sales is one way to buy on budget. :) Just yesterday I bought 3 belts from H&M, on sale, two of them $3 each, and another one $10.
    Another way to buy on budget is to shop at discount stores like Winners or Target. Recently I bought a pair of leopard printed ankle boots from Winners, $40, and a black dress from Target, $5 (clearance).
    So if you really want to, there are definitely lots of ways to stick to a budget yet be stylish. :)
    Have a lovely day my dear!
    Xoxo, Victoria



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