Monday, April 7, 2014

Coachella Outfit No.2

For my second Coachella look I wanted to make an outfit that would be great for any age group. This look is really great for a super casual everyday look, so you can wear it definitely not just to a festival. Since it's so simple and casual you can also change the pieces out to fit your style better. Not everyone likes to wear shorts and this outfit would look great with any length bottom even a skirt. You can also switch the sandals for flats. It's just little changes like that, that won't change the outfit to much, but will make this outfit more you.

Get The Look: (links below)


  1. Definitely a cute look here and perfect for the very hot temps that are in the desert valley.


  2. Love the fringes!

  3. i love this outfit, i love all of these pieces!

  4. Love the shorts and the sandals!! - Your blog is so cool!! :))


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