Monday, April 14, 2014

Coachella Outfit No.3

This is one of my favorite outfits that I have put together. I love kimonos and the design on this one I thought was perfect for festival fashion. I like how this look is boho edgy which I always gravitate to when shopping. I added this necklace set that goes great with the kimono and overall feel of the look. I also wanted to add rainboots to one of my Coachella outfits this year because I just really like how they look with festival fashion and I love rainboots. Last year I put rainboots with this outfit. You can also change out the rainboots with just regular black booties. Check out some of my other Coachella ready looks here and my festival fashion pinterest board here.        

What would you wear to Coachella?
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  1. Cool outfit!

  2. Oh, i would not mind wearing the shorts and the tank top. The necklaces are gorgeous to. But i would probably feel more comfortable and pretty if i paired the top and short with a pair of JuJu jellies or platform sandals!

    1. For Coachella I would add the rainboots but for any other day I would pair with sandals or booties.


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