Monday, April 28, 2014

Maxi Skirt

One of my favorite things to wear when the weather is warmer and even colder is maxi skirts. I think everyone should have at least one maxi skirt usually a solid one. I have one maxi skirt, but I am really looking to get lots more. I really like the boho look of the printed skirt above, so I am really wanting that one. The middle has that summer feel it's kind of beachy and just super casual and the third is the must have black maxi skirt. When looking for a maxi skirt be really careful about the length of it. Depending on your height you may need it tailored which is perfectly fine to do. Maxi Skirts are really easy to fine during the spring and summer time so really look during that time. They also come in so many looks and prices which make them easy to find. They can be super cheap or really expensive.They can be worn many ways as well, so you will be wearing yours a lot.

Do you like maxi skirts and how would you wear them?

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  1. great post!!! it's also a nice gift to give to someone ;-)
    nice work

    ps: New post on my blog, check it out! ;-)
    Greets Jon,
    Jon The Gold's Blog

  2. Second and third please!
    And yes i think they're great for spring and summer. :)

  3. I like the middle one the best. I like to go boho on flowy maxi skirts, probably try to match it with a loose long sleeve top and some boho jewelry. :)


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