Thursday, June 12, 2014

Comfort Zone

Have you ever just had that go to outfit that you always feel comfortable in and always wear. Well I definitely do and most of the time it includes a pair of jeans/shorts and a t-shirt. Everyone has that comfort zone I guess when it comes to clothes and the look above is pretty close to my go to look. My go to look is a little different, but I changed it up to become perfect for spring and summer. You will rarely see me wear a skirt or dress and that is because that isn't in my comfort zone. The simpler the look and more comfortable I will be in it.

What is your go to comfort zone outfit?

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  1. Oh yeah, my confort zone is a pair of jeans and a grey t-shirt with flats and a black bag, I love your choice girl.

  2. Wow , I love this outfit ! It's definitely something I would wear !

  3. Jeans are comfort zone for me too. :)


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