Monday, June 9, 2014

Denim on Denim

I'm a huge fan of the denim on denim trend and always try to wear it when I get the chance. I have always been a jeans kind of girl, so I love denim. The denim on denim look is great for all seasons and you can change the pieces for the weather. For those cooler days I would choose jeans, but for warmer days I always go with shorts. For this look I went with simple accessories and shoes because of all the denim. You can check out my last denim on denim post here.

Do you like the denim on denim look and how would you wear it?

Get The Look:


  1. I love denim... skirts, pants, shorts, shirts... all denim ❤️

  2. SO much YES! <3 I love denim on denim! Great post :)
    xx Katie

  3. Look great combo and I adore that lovely shirt! :)

  4. Those sandals look great. :)

    Xoxo, Victoria

  5. I love this look. I like denim on denim only with certain denim rinses. I really like that handbag. I hope you have a great weekend.



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