Thursday, June 5, 2014

Fun In The Sun: What's in My Beach Bag

On my last post I created a look that can be worn to the beach. For this post I wanted to show you what I would take to the beach and what I think everyone else should take. Make sure you have a bag that is big enough to carry everything and tote bags are the best for that. I say in my beach bag, but this can be good for the pool, beach, and lake.

What do you put in your beach bag?

In My Beach Bag (links below):
Phone and Tablet: To play with when you just want to sit in the sun. (here and here).
Magazines or Book: To read while relaxing.
Snacks: To stay full and to give you energy.


  1. I always bring cheetos to the beach. + flamin hots. I need a huge towel for the beach though!

  2. I need to get a good tote for the beach. My bags are too small to fit all my essentials!


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