Thursday, July 24, 2014

Patterns & Prints

Patterns OOTD
I am a huge fan of solids and always feel the most comfortable in them. Prints and patterns have always been something that can be overwhelming to me. I love basics and sometimes it can be hard wearing something other then basics. I find it helps me to have one piece I'm wearing a pattern/print and then keeping everything a solid. By making that piece the main piece in the look it doesn't make me so overwhelmed and helps me become more comfortable. Patterns & prints are something I think are better to ease into then go head to toe in. It's also all about the pattern and print that one chooses. The simpler the easier I find it to wear and if you are on the wild side you can always mix a simple pattern with a busy pattern.

Do you like wearing patterns?

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Saturday, July 19, 2014

Nordstrom's Anniversary Sale Top Picks!

 photo nordstrom-anniversary-sale_zps0b222f02.png
The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale started today and I am so excited to share with you my top picks. They have a lot of great options for this fall, so you will want to check it out. With the wide range of items on sale you will definitely find something and at a great price as well. Check out my top picks below!

Favorite Tops:

Favorite Boots:

Favorite Booties:

Favorite Heels & Flats:

Favorite Bags & Wallets:

Favorite Dresses:

Favorite Jeans:

Favorite Jackets & Vest:

Favorite Coats:

Favorite Sweaters:

Favorite Pants & Shorts:

Favorite Skirts:

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Weekly Wishlist No.3

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