Friday, August 31, 2012

Fall is Coming

Fall is only a month away and it's my favorite season. I love wearing boots and sweaters. They are just so cute and comfy. Where I live it's just to hot to wear them in the summer time, so that is why fall is my favorite season. This is my go to fall outfit and makeup/hair look.
1. Sweater | Madewell $80
2. Skinny Jeans | Abercrombie $39
3. Boots | Frye $398

Monday, August 27, 2012


I have been seeing lace everywhere lately and it has been growing on me. One of my favorite items with lace are the lace shorts above. They are super cute with just a plain top and sandals. I have been obsessed with them if I could own 20+ different lace shorts I would.

1. Peach Lace Shorts | Chicwish $ 40
2. White Lace Shorts | Chicwish $40
3. Pink Lace Dress | Ally $30
4. Cream Lace Top | Calypso St.Barth $129

Friday, August 24, 2012


My favorite color lately has been mint. Ever since I got some mint nail polish I've just loved that color. I could wear mint everyday, but I think that might get old fast. Whenever I shop I go straight to the mint items. Here are some of my favorite mint items.

1. Mint Dress | $30
2. Mint Blouse | ModCloth $38
3. Mint Skirt | Dorothy Perkins $30
4. Mint Nail Polish | Neiman Marcus $18
5. Mint Earrings | ModCloth $13

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Queen of Hearts

Last week I got a sweater like the one above and thought a post about hearts would make a good post. I think hearts are just so cute. You can dress them up or down. For example the dress above would be dressier and the sweater would be more casual. But you could also put the sweater over the dress and have a half dressy half casual outfit. I think that would make a really cute girly outfit.

1. Black Heart Dress | ModCloth $65
2. Heart Phone Case | Zappos $34
3. Black Heart Earrings | Republic $7.85
4. Black and Gold Heart Belt | Asos $10.22
5. White and Red Heart Sweater | Net-A-Porter $345
   (Old Navy cheaper option)

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Polka Dots

Polka Dots
Every girl should have something with polka dots in there closet. Polka dots are just so girly. I feel like they can brighten any outfit. They also can be the statement piece of any outfit. Some people think there is an age limit on wearing polka dots, but I don't think so.

1. Polka Dot Heels | Kate Spade $350
2. Polka Dot Cosmetic Bag | Kate Spade $60
3. Polka Dot High Low Dress | $42
4. Polka Dot Shorts | $228
5. Polka Dot Jeans | $189

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Sandals Under $50

One of my favorite style of shoes are sandals because that means it's spring or summer time. I feel most comfortable in shoes that are flat because I am so tall. If the shoe has a heel on it I am then 5 foot 10 and looking down at everyone. All the sandals above are $50 and below.
First Row: Neutral
1. Brown Sandal | Modcloth $50
2. Taupe Suede Sandal | PiperLime $50
3. Tan and White Sandal | Asos $34

Second Row: Neon
1. Pink and Orange Sandal | Aldo $21
2. Black and Yellow Sandal | H&M $20
3. Pink Sandal | DSW $30
Third Row: Metallic
1. Gold Sandal | Asos $38
2. Silver Sandal | Aldo $28
3. Cream and Gold Sandal | Endless $45

Friday, August 10, 2012


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Studs and Spikes

Studs and Spikes
Lately I have been obsessed with anything that has spikes or studs. They give an edgy feel to anything. It can be girly and still be edgy at the same time. I have a weekly wishlist and lately that wishlist has 80% spiked or studded items. I don't have any spiked items yet and I think it's time to get some.

1. Gold Studded Purse | Zara $35.90
2. Spiked Ring | $70
3. Spiked Headband | Nasty Gal $35
4. Spiked Loafers | $81
5. Stud Earrings | Dillard's $20
6. Gold Spiked Bracelet | Asos $13