Friday, September 28, 2012

Plaid & Fur

Plaid & Fur
One of my new favorite combinations is plaid and fur. I first saw it on a blog a couple days ago and fell in love. It's so perfect for fall and winter this year. So I thought it would make a good post and show you my version of the combination (any plaid top and fur vest is fine).

1. Plaid Top | Net-A-Porter $295
2. Fur Vest | H&M $35
3. Skinny Jeans | Topshop $76
4. Tote Bag | Zara $159
5. Rain Boots | Hunter $135

Monday, September 24, 2012

Hair Cuffs

One of my new obsessions would be hair cuffs. It can make any boring pony tail not boring. I feel like it looks a little edgy which is good because lately I've been liking edgy outfits. What are your opinions on hair cuffs?

You can get them from here and here.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Traveling In Style

This post is about how to dress when you are traveling. I haven't traveled in a long time, but when I do I like to be comfy and look good. This is a go to outfit for travel in the future.

1. A wrap sweater (the wrap above is from here). I like a wrap sweater for when I get cold or need a blanket in the plane. This is also good to wear in the airport because airports sometimes are cold.

2. Light top (the top above is from here). A light top is a go to because you don't get hot and sweaty in it. It's also very comfy and simple.

3. Stretchy pants (the pants above are from here)(if you don't want to wear pants, cut offs are another great choice). Pants that are stretchy are good because they aren't to tight. I know I like to stretch in the plane, so stretchy pants are good for that.

4. Carry on bag (the one above is from here)(check out Zara for other carry on bags they have a lot). I like to bring my laptop, headphones, snacks, and etc on the plane. This bag is big enough for that.

5. Flats and socks (the flats and socks above are from here and here). Make sure you wear comfy shoes that you can slide on and off. Flats are the best for that. Also bring socks to put on in the plane because your feet might get cold and you might not want to wear shoes in the plane.

6. Another tip is to wear your hair up because your hair can get nasty and can get in your way. I like to put my hair in a topknot because it's completely out of my face.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Fall Closet

Fall Closet
Here is my must have Fall Closet. It has all the basic needs for fall this year.

4.Shoes: Boots
5.Shoes: Heels and Flats

Friday, September 14, 2012

Fall Tops

These are my must have tops for fall this year. I love the sweater above it just says fall to me. I also like a striped top, sheer blouse, and a peplum top for fall. The blouse above isn't to sheer so it's still classy. I love a peplum top because it makes you look smaller by giving you a small looking waist.

1. Sweater | La Garconne $415 (other option 1,2)
2. Striped Top | Matches $194 (other option 1)
3. Sheer Blouse | We Like Fashion $102 (other option 1)
4. Black Peplum | TopShop $36 (other option 1)

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Fall Bottoms

Fall bottoms
Here are my must have bottoms for the fall. I feel like you have to have leather, dark wash, and colored bottoms in your fall closet this year. Any bottoms will do you don't have to have the ones above and any color for colored jeans will do.

        1. Leather | Net-A-Porter $920 (other options 1,2,3,4,5)
        2. Dark Wash | Net-A-Porter $190
        3. Colored | Net-A-Porter $180 (other options 1,2,3)

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Fall Jackets

Fall Jackets
Here are some of my favorite and must have fall jackets.

1. Trench Coat | Romwe $137
2. Black Blazer | SheInside $47
3. Army Jacket | TopShop $130 (other options 1,2,3,4,5)
4. Leather Jacket | Warehouse $103 (other options 1,2)

Friday, September 7, 2012

Fall Shoes: Heels & Flats

Heels and Flats
I usually don't wear heels because to me they are more on the dressy side. When I found the ones above I just loved them. They are so simple and you can wear them with anything. I also loved these flats because they are so simple and casual.

1. Black Wedges | Kohl's $48
2. Platform Heel | Kohl's $22
3. Nude Heel | TopShop $150
4. Pink Flats | PiperLime $175
5. Black & White Flats | Ann Taylor $68
6. Brown Flats | H&M $13

Monday, September 3, 2012

Fall Shoes: Boots

fall boots
I love boots and I love the many different styles they come in. You can get ankle, mid-calf, and knee high. Then you can get western, equestrian, rainboots, and etc. My favorite style is knee high equestrian because I like the classic fall look. So above are some of my favorite boots.

1. Studded Ankle Boot | Zara $129
2. Glittery Ankle Boot | DSW $55
3. Black Ankle Boots | Kohl's
4. Black Leather Knee High Boot | Tory Burch $495
5. Brown Leather Strap Knee High Boot | Frye $ 398
6. Black Knee High Rainboot | Hunter $175