Monday, January 28, 2013


One of my favorite styles is cargo pants. I feel like it's one of those styles that you can wear any season. When it comes to cargo pants I think they look best paired with items that are brown or grey. So that's why I paired these pants with a grey top and brown accessories.

1. Grey Top | Alexander Wang $90
2. Sunglasses | Ray Ban $250
3. Tote Bag | American Apparel $95
4. Cargo Pants | Alice & Olivia $220 (other option 1,2,3)
5. Brown Sandals | Ancient Greek Sandals $160

Monday, January 14, 2013


This week I wanted to show you some things that I think everyone should have in their bag.(You will definitely see this bag in more post). I just wanted to post the basic things. For example everyone should have their phone and keys with them, so above I put a phone case and key chain. Also you don't have to have sunglasses, but for those who can wear sunglasses I feel like they are a must.

1. Phone Case | Iconemesis $40 (other phone case I like from Apple 1)
2. Sunglasses | Ray Ban $250
3. Key Chain | BCBG $20
4. Makeup Bag | Bloomingdales $18
5. Flats | Piperlime $150
6. Tote Bag | American Apparel $95
7. Chapstick | Chapstick $2

Giveaway Winner! Tamerica Shelly

Friday, January 11, 2013

Spring Preview

I wanted to give you guys a little preview of what kinds of outfits I will be posting during spring/summer time. The outfits will be similar, but not exact. I like very simple and casual outfits during spring/summer time. If it's chilly you can switch out the shorts and wear light washed jeans plus pair it with one of these jackets (1 or 2). I hope you like it!

Check out these post for more examples of what kinds of outfits I will post 1 and 2.

1. Top | Abercrombie $50 (other option 1,2)
2. Tote Bag | American Apparel $95
3. Shorts | Hollister $35
4. Brown Sandals | Ancient Greek Sandals $160

Monday, January 7, 2013


I found this super cute summer dress and wanted to put it in a post. I think summer clothing like this is so cute. I wanted to style it like I would if I was going to the beach on vacation. I also thought the sandals above were super cute because they had the wings on the sides. I  hope you like it!

1. Summer Dress | Saks Fifth Avenue $170
2. Swimsuit | American Eagle $35
3. Tote Bag | Etsy $20
4. Black Hat  | Rag & Bone $175
5. Black Sandals | Ancient Greek Sandals $200

Friday, January 4, 2013


For my first post of the year I wanted to share with you some of my resolutions for my blog. I like to keep my resolutions simple, so I can accomplish them. Here are some of my resolutions.

1.Talk more to followers
2.Reach 500-700 followers! (Don't forget to share my blog to your friends and thanks for following)
3.Try to post more often
4.Post more on social medias
5.Get more feedback from followers
6.Get more page views
7.Update my contact page