Thursday, May 23, 2013


maxi skirt!
It's amazing how much a persons style can change in a year or even a couple of months. I remember seeing clothes like the dress above and saying to myself who would wear something like that. It's a lot of pineapple, but it's perfect for summer. I feel like my blog has helped evolve my style and open my eyes to different styles.

How has your style changed over the year(s)?

1. Pineapple Dress | Urban Outfitters $62
2. Fringe Bag | Chicwish $38 (other option 1)
3. Black Sandals | Zara $40

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Pray For Oklahoma

 photo 826b7a53-672a-400d-be98-ae0127a1af5f_zps09fa5c51.jpg I haven't been posting lately because I have been extremely busy with all the tornadoes happening and etc. This week has been a very sad week, a lot of homes and lives were lost. I wasn't effected by any tornadoes, but a lot of others were and I just ask for everyone to pray for everyone in Oklahoma. Any donations possible are also welcomed. You can probably find a lot of places to donate to by searching for donations for Oklahoma. I just thank you right now for any prayers and donations that have already happened and for any that happen in the future.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Pool Side

maxi skirt!
It's finally starting to get hot where I live and that means I get to hit the pool soon. For those who live by a beach this is also a great outfit for the beach. I wanted to show you an outfit that I thought was pool side ready. When going to the pool I always make sure to have comfy, light, and loose items on. That is why I chose just a plain black dress that can easily become a cover up. I didn't add a bag above, but I would add a tote bag to this outfit. Also if you don't want to wear a dress/cover up some cutoffs and a loose/flowy top are great options to.

1. Black Dress | Joie $278 (other options 1,2)
2. Swimsuit | Mara Hoffman $220
3. Black Sandals | Ancient Greek Sandals $156

Friday, May 10, 2013

Denim On Denim

maxi skirt!
One trend that has been around for a while now that I am finally really liking is denim on denim. I haven't tried it yet, but definitely will in the future. When it comes to denim on denim I feel like it looks best with different shades of denim. I say that because when the denim pieces are the same shade it can look like to much denim. That is why I chose a lighter washed chambray top with shorts that are mainly white. Also I like to give outfits an edgy feel, so I added some edgy accessories.

1. Chambray Top | Madewell $70 (other options 1,2,3)
2. White Shorts | Abercrombie $58 (other option 1)
3. Black Bag | Elliott Lucca $98
4. Black & White Sandals | BCBG $275

Monday, May 6, 2013


maxi skirt!
Emerald is the color of 2013 and I am so happy to hear that. Emerald is one of my favorite colors and my birthstone color. Now you know I am a May baby. I love the color emerald but always have trouble finding clothes that I like that are that color. So when I saw the skirt above I knew I had to post it. When it comes to emerald I am very picky about what shade of emerald I like. My favorite shade of emerald is the dark emerald. Also I didn't put a leather jacket above, but I would add a leather jacket to make it a little more edgy.

What is your opinion on the color emerald?

1. Black Top | Joie $178
2. Emerald Skirt | Tibi $147
3. Black Clutch | Warehouse $43
4. Black Wedges | Nasty Gal $58