Friday, September 27, 2013

Military Jacket

maxi skirt!
Fall is here and that means I can now wear my boots, jackets, and anything else that the hot weather didn't let me. Fall is my favorite season for clothes because fall clothes are very cozy, casual, and make great basics for a closet. An essential must have for fall I believe is a military jacket. It can be very versatile if styled correctly (you can wear it with a dress, jeans, or with really anything). A military jacket is one thing I believe one can splurge on if they want to because it will stay in your closet forever and like I said before it is very versatile. Any top would be great with this outfit, but I just really love grey and green together.

Do you have a military jacket?
What is a fall must have for you?

1. Military Jacket | Urban Outfitters $59
2. Grey Tank Top | Rebecca Taylor $58
3. Skinny Jeans | American Eagle $30
4. Crossbody Bag | Forever 21 $28
5. Black Moto Boots | Mia  Shoes $59

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Haul Time!

maxi skirt!
I have never been one to buy a lot of clothes. I usually like to buy stuff that is a need for my closet and not a want (unless I find myself going back to it a lot). I thought a post about some items I bought recently would make a good post. This isn't a big haul, but it's stuff I really needed for my closet. A very big goal of mine is to create the closet of my dreams, so I have been on the search for the perfect items to accomplish that goal. When creating the perfect wardrobe I think everyone should start with finding the perfect basics (dark wash skinny jeans, white/black top, black boots, flats, and etc). I have had such a hard time finding the perfect white/black v-neck top and have finally found them. I also have been trying to find the perfect moto boots and these are great because they are basic enough to go with a lot of outfits. I didn't want moto boots that had studs on them because I find that I would have less outfits to wear them with.

What are some of your wardrobe basics that you wear a lot?

1. V-neck Top | Asos $16.88
2. Home T | The Home T $28
3. Moto Boots | Mia Shoes $70

Monday, September 9, 2013

Free People

maxi skirt!
I feel so bad for not posting the past couple weeks. I really tried but with my schedule I wasn't able to create any post. I just started school a couple weeks ago, so with that starting up again I have been so busy. With all that said I wanted to create a post including some items that I just got in the mail. If you follow me on twitter or facebook you probably read how I couldn't wait for my clothes to come in the mail. You can check out the items on the Finds App (link here).

Free People is one of my favorite shops and after shopping online for an hour I usually have half the site in my basket. If I got a million dollars this would be the first place I would go. I just can't get enough of it they have the perfect clothing for every season. One of my favorite styles is bohemian clothing, so Free People obviously takes care of that. I've also been on the hunt for the perfect maxi skirt and after three months I have finally found it. The maxi skirt above is perfect for any outfit/style and looks amazing on.

Do you like Free People?

1. Lace Crop Top | Free People $48
2. Black Maxi Skirt | Free People $68
3. Black Sandals | Free People $85
4. Black Fedora | Free People $98