Thursday, October 24, 2013

Fall Must Haves

I couldn't add everything above because my fall must haves list is just so long. It's long because most fall clothes make really good wardrobe basics. If you are looking for wardrobe basics make sure to look during fall because you will find most of them then. I have been trying to find as many of my fall clothes/basics right now and I am having great luck. I just have a few items left to find and cross off my fall/basics list. Most of you probably know by now that fall is my favorite season for clothes. I just love the styles and colors that are used. When it comes to clothing I like darker colors because they are easier to style, they go with most things, and I just love darker colors (like burgundy and etc). I also made sure to add something burgundy above.

What are some of your must have fall clothes?

1. Coated/Leather or Black Jeans | Current/Elliot $248
2. Cargo/Green Pants | American Eagle $50 (other option 1)
3. Leather Jacket | Topshop $104 (other option 1)
4. Army Jacket | Calypso St. Barth $165 (other option 1)
5. Dark Wash Jeans | Dorothy Perkins $27
6. Chambray Top | Madewell $70 (other option 1)
7. Plaid Top | LNA $75 (great because there are so many different color options)
8. Stripe Top | Wood Wood $100 (other option 1)
9. Wide Brim Fedora | Michael Stars $58
10. Burgandy Sweater | Miss Selfridge $57 (any color sweater is good especially a neutral one)
11. Basic Black Bag | Forever21 $19 (any basic black bag is fine also look for a basic brown bag)
12. Black Boot | MIA $60 (any height of boot is good try to stick with black or brown)

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Halloween: Black Cat

I think the black cat costume is the easiest one to create. All you need is an all black outfit with some fur, cat ears/tail, and makeup. Here are some pictures for makeup (here). I thought the sweater above was really cute for this outfit because there is a cat on it. I also added a fur vest and cat ears because that really helps make the look and tell people what your suppose to be other then the makeup.

What do you think about the Black Cat idea?

1. Cat Sweater | SheInside $30
2. Black Jeans |  Current/Elliot $450
3. Cat Ears | Charlotte Russe $6
4. Fur Vest | Lookbook Store $30
5. Black Booties | Rag & Bone $500

Monday, October 14, 2013

Halloween: Comic Book Character


The Comic Book Character has been a recently popular and unique costume idea. Whenever creating this outfit I remembered the Phillip Lim Target collection and the top above. I knew it was a perfect fit and I also wanted to add a trench coat because the female comic book characters always have that classic trench coat. This trench coat is very colorful and comic books are very colorful, so it fits the theme perfectly. A long time ago I came upon an Etsy shop that has a lot of unique comic book action headbands/clips and I hunted it down and found the headpiece above. I think that accessory just adds a cute and unique feel to the look.

Do you like the Comic Book Character Halloween idea?

1. Trench Coat | Target $18
2. Boom Sweatshirt | Target $30
3. Skinny Jeans | Acne $250
4. Bam! Headpiece | JanineBasil 24
5. Rain Boots | Hunter $140
6. Clear Clutch | Nasty Gal $50

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Halloween: Greek Goddess

One of my favorite ideas for Halloween would be the Greek Goddess. What makes it my favorite is the overall look and the overall peices in the look. I am a huge fan of flowy dresses, sandals, and cuff type jewelry. My favorite piece from this outfit would be the shoes because they have wings on them and reminded me of the Greek mythology character Hermes. Which makes them extra perfect for this look.

Do you like the Greek Goddess look for Halloween?

1. Flowy Dress | Modekungen $200
2. Leaf Headpiece | Bloom Design Studio $38
3. Cuff Bracelet | Karine Sultan $72
4. Greek Sandals | Ancient Greek Sandals $205
5. Gold Necklace | Kenneth Jay Lane $200

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Halloween: Mermaid

Dressing up as a Mermaid for Halloween is difficult I think because it can go in the wrong direction really fast. When people hear mermaid they probably think of Ariel, but whenever people dress up as Ariel it can be a little cheesy/kiddy. You don't have to have a swimsuit top and tail on for the costume. You can find other items with similarities that will have the same feel, but in a more adult look. With that said I chose this sequin skirt to symbolize the tail, but you can actually wear this any time of the year. I also really liked the necklace above because it's a mermaid and the tail looks like the skirt.

What do you think of the Mermaid idea for Halloween?

1. Corset Top | Tilly's $15
2. Sequin Skirt | Sabine $150
3. Gold Sandals | Asos $30
4. Mermaid Necklace | SwayChic $5

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Halloween: Flapper

When it comes to Halloween costume ideas I noticed that the Flapper idea is a very popular one. On this post I wanted to show you my version of the Flapper costume. I made sure to add sparkle because whenever I think of a flapper dress and headpiece I always think of sequins and sparkle. I also stuck with a neutral based color scheme.

Are you a fan of the Flapper costume idea?

1. Sequin Dress | Asos $214
2. Feather Headpiece | Charlotte Russe $8
3. Clutch Bag | Dorothy Perkins $35
4. Nude Sandals | Gianvito Rossi $900
5. Bracelet Set | Forever New $20

Monday, October 7, 2013

Halloween Ideas

This year has gone by so fast and it's already October. With it being October that means Halloween is coming up and I always like looking at different ideas. I have never been one to actually dress up on Halloween because of all the planning and time it takes. Above of some of my favorite ideas/looks that I have found for Halloween.

What are your favorite Halloween ideas?
What are you going as for Halloween?

Animal Ideas:
1. Bird (some photos for inspiration 1,2,3)
2. Deer (some photos for inspiration 1,2,3)
3 Black Cat (some photos for inspiration 1,2)
4. Leopard (some photos for inspiration 1,2)
5. Fox (some photos for inspiration 1,2)
6. Lion (some photos for inspiration 1,2)

Other Ideas:
1. Hippie (some photos for inspiration 1,2,3,4)
2. Mermaid (some photos for inspiration 1)
3. Egyptian/Greek (flowy dresses and amazing jewelry)
4. Flapper (some photos for inspiration 1,2,3)
5. Comic Book Character (some photos for inspiration 1)
6. Doll (some photos for inspiration 1,2)
7. Skeleton/ Sugar Skull (some photos for inspiration 1,2)

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Fall "It" Hat

maxi skirt!
One thing that I have seen everywhere and I call the "It" hat for fall is the wide brim fedora. I know it's everywhere, but I really like it and hope it stays. I think it makes a really cute accessory and it's perfect for fall. It really adds something extra to just a simple outfit and can go with most things. I also added a burgundy bag and coated jeans because burgundy is a favorite color for fall and coated jeans are also a good must have for fall. I think coated jeans are a better option than leather pants because they are comfier and still have that leather look.

1. White T-Shirt | Alexander Wang (Other Option 1)
2. Burgundy Bag | Rebecca Minkoff $195
3. Coated Jeans | Current/Elliott $248
4. Black Booties | Rag & Bone $495  
5. Black It Hat | Michael Stars $58