Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Trench Coat

The trench coat is a great piece to have in your closet. It's a must have basic because it's so versatile and most of the time comes in a neutral color. It can be worn with any style. Because it's simple you can mix it with any color/pattern and add any kind of accessory. I chose to add stripes with it and it makes it a classic and casual outfit.

Do you like trench coats?
How would you make a trench coat fit your style?

1. Trench Coat | Mango $130
2. Black Bag | Topshop $72
3. Coated Jeans | Current/Elliot $250
4. Black Booties | Sam Edelman $130
5. Stripe Top | Wood Wood $100

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Denim & Leather

Denim & Leather are two materials that go very well together. You can mix the two any way to fit your style or what looks good on you. You can wear a leather jacket with jeans, a denim jacket with leather pants, a denim shirt with a leather skirt (above), or any other combination you can think of. I tried to stick with just the two materials, so all the items are either denim or leather except the belt. I added the belt because I think it helped the top and skirt flow together.

Do you like the combination of denim & leather?

1. Denim Shirt | J.Crew $78
2. Chevron Belt | Peices $22
3. Fringe Bag | B-Low The Belt $250
4. Black Booties | Rag & Bone $495
5. Leather Skirt | Alexander Wang $600

Monday, January 13, 2014

Favorite Looks: Golden Globes 2014

I had some other favorite looks, but I just wanted to post the main four looks. I had way to many least favorite looks, so that is why I didn't post those. For some reason I just felt like this years looks had a different vibe than the usual Golden Globe looks and I don't know why. I think one of my favorite looks was Olivia Wilde because she is pregnant and still looked so amazing.

Who was wearing your favorite look?

1. Olivia Wilde wearing Gucci
2. Kate Beckinsale wearing Zuhair Murad
3. Sosie Bacon
4. Louisa Roe wearing Monique Lhuillier

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Under $100

So some of you have probably noticed the items I post are more expensive. But I don't post them for that reason or because I want you to buy them. Whenever I post an item/outfit it is to give you inspiration, so then you can go and make your version of it (budget, style, etc). For this post I wanted to make an outfit under $100 to show you money isn't style. You can always find cheaper options that are equally stylish to expensive items. I am not one that just spends 100+ dollars on something and if I do I really think about it. I think budgets are great when it comes to clothes.

How do you like to stay stylish, but with a budget?

Outfit above is = $95
1. Wine Jacket | Desire Clothing $23
2. Black Jeans | Dorothy Perkins $27
3. Celine Top | T-Shirt World (etsy) $12
4. Black Boot | N.Y.L.A $33