Monday, February 24, 2014

Look For Less: Pointy Pump

Growing up I didn't like any shoe that was pointy. I thought pointy shoes were for older people and they just looked odd. Now that I am old enough to understand fashion and figure out what I like, I don't think they are bad anymore. They are a great piece to have in your shoe collection because they are a wardrobe basic. They can be worn with a lot casual, formal, or even business attire. Above are some pointy black pumps that are way cheaper than the Manolo Blahnik, but they are just as cute. Also I think everyone should have a pair of nude pumps because they help make your legs look longer.

Friday, February 7, 2014

Target x Peter Pilotto

Target is coming out with a new collection and the collection is a collaboration with Peter Pilotto. This collection can be described in two words bold patterns. All the pieces are bright and have a lot of pattern on them. Most people would be afraid to wear something that could be described as busy, but if worn correctly the pieces will look great. This collection comes out in two days, so February 9th. Above are some of my favorite peices from the collection. Because the pieces are so bright and have a lot of pattern a black shoe would look best.

You can check out the collection here Target

1. Floral Bag | Target $23
2. Black Bikini | Target Full Set $40
3. Yellow Bikini | Target Full Set $40
4. Red & Black Skirt | Target $35
5. Black & White Skirt | Target $35
6. Yellow Print Skirt | Target $35
7. Yellow Print Dress | Target $50
8. Black Crop Top | Target $25
9. Blue Print Shorts | Target $30
10. Red Print Dress | Target $45